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Writing life and the neighborhood

Writing life and the neighborhood


Happy second birthday, My Blonde Life in the Hood!

The blog turned two in September. How did we celebrate? With a cake, of course!

I ordered this North Minneapolis-themed beauty (an 8-inch honey wine cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting) from a North Minneapolis business, The Thirsty Whale Bakery.  (Thank you, Megan, Kyle, and Sarah!) (Note: They offer free delivery in Minnesota until they have a storefront.) Besides ordering your own cake, visit their Facebook page and vote to help them win a Brassy!

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*Names in this blog have been changed to protect my family, neighbors, and friends in the neighborhood, and in a nod of appreciation to the beloved Swedish author Maj Lindman, I’ve renamed my three blondies Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka.

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