The 12 days of Christmas

Sing along! (And enjoy the pictures afterward.)

On the 12 days of Christmas, we saw the following things:

1.      A Honda battery that went dead

2.      Two styles of boots (the weather can’t make up its mind)

3.      Three sick girls (the stomach flu…)

4.      Four grocery stores (in search of fig preserves)

5.      Five neighbor kids (playing basketball until the snow started)

6.      Six burned-out light strands

7.      Seven years of ballet (“The Nutcracker” at the State Theatre)

8.      Eight rolls of gift wrap

9.      Nine kinds of goodies

10.   Ten types of cheeses

11.   Eleven tasty lefses

12.   Twelve Lala kisses

Merry Christmas!             

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*Names in this blog have been changed to protect my family, neighbors, and friends in the neighborhood, and in a nod of appreciation to the beloved Swedish author Maj Lindman, I’ve renamed my three blondies Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka.